Marigold foundation work for all community members’ i.e Children, Adolescent, Youth, and And Elderly through its program.

Health Care

Deoria_reoli-campHealth Facility is the most essential factor towards wellness of a society. Taking this into consideration MGF has organized multi specialty health camps in rural/ Slum areas on regular basis to meet the basic health requirement and its related awareness. People especially from Slums and rural area where the elementary health system is not at par as it should be. Through our multispecialty health camps across the country, we were able to spot some effected person who needed help at that point of time. Marigold Foundation is also organized Eye care, Prevention of HIV/ AIDS, Blood/ Organ Donation and Health Awareness programs.


EducationMarigold Foundation covered many under-privileged children by launching non-formal education center in slum of Delhi /NCR. Under this Program, the Marigold Foundation provided free study materials, free schooling and bringing these children to the mainstream.


EmpowermentMarigold Foundation taking initiative for many people’s to participate in Income Generating Skills Training Programs Specially for Youths and Women’s.

This program is basically develops and trains all the down troddens and financially weak people and make them fit for earning bread for themselves and their families, and also do some good to our country. The area of development though has no bound¬aries still Marigold Foundation is trying its best to fulfill its objective of development by helping the down troddens, especially the women & youths , to become self-dependent and employed. It does not differentiate between the people on the basis of caste, color, region, gender and treats them as equals and wants to place women of Delhi on a high status, a status where they are self-dependent, bread earners of their families, are respected and are looked upon.


walkathon-on-ambedkar-jayantiMarigold foundation is also aware the community members about Environment, Health and nutrition’s and People Rights through its community awareness campaign at time to time.


ResearchThe organization carried forward the various developmental & research activities with various organization and individual across the country.

Future Programs

Near future planning’s of Marigold foundation :-

Support a Human Being

This programme of MGF will look after the marginalized/ unpreviliged section of the society and empower them with ration/medicine/education expenses and basic amenities. For more information of this programme kindly contact out office.

MMU cum Disaster Care

MGF is planning to launch a Mobile Medicare unit cum Disaster Response Vehicle in near future. This unit shall act as a medical unit and disaster rescue in natural calamities.