About Us

The MGF was established in the memory of late Mrs. Rajkumari also known as Gainda who died of Brain Cancer on 16th November 2007.She struggled for one year from cancer and died. During the treatment of her wife the president was deeply saddened from the disease and the costly treatment to the poor.

This was observed that the poor is unable to treat even small disease and have to suffer and die. The president of MGF took pledge to work for the cause and care of the destitute selflessly to any possible extent for whole life.   

Marigold Foundation is a non-profit-organization  registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860. Marigold Foundation works for the welfare of the Society. Our all the programmes are designed to provide direct support and help to the needy and deprived persons of the society.

Marigold Foundation is committed to the cause of people, who are less fortunate, marginalized, neglected, exploited and need special focus and support in order to come into the main stream of the society. Marigold Foundation is actively engaged throughout the year in activities towards the welfare of the society.

In a democratic society, it is the state that has the ultimate responsibility for ushering development to its citizens. In India, through the progressive interpretation of the Constitution and its laws and policies, the scope of development has been significantly broadened to include not just economic progress for citizens, but also promotion of social justice, gender equity, inclusion, citizen’s awareness, empowerment and improved quality of life. To achieve this holistic vision of development, the state requires the constructive and collaborative engagement of the civil society in its various developmental activities and programs. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as the operational arm of the civil society therefore have an important role in the development processes.